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i have three moods

  • 420
  • 69
  • 666
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Be prepared to add a new Tumblr blog to your favorites list! The brilliant minds at WHEREISEEFASHION pair high fashion images matched with related images, everything from landscapes and contemporary art to different shapes and colors. More after the the jump:

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the entire movie in 3 pictures

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Omg, clever :D


LOL @ Moffat implying the Doctor actually genuinely missed Gallifrey and is excited (?) to find it again when he has been actively trying to run from it and escape from the very start.

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To the people who keep reblogging my post to ‘tell’ me that the War Doctor forgot what really happened and that Nine and Ten (and pre-special Eleven) don’t remember and think they destroyed Gallifrey:

Yes. I know. That is exactly why I am upset. You’re wrong when you say it “doesn’t intrinstically change the show” because yes, it does. Because every time we rewatch those episodes now, every time we see Nine’s rage at the Dalek, his guilt at having killed them all, his pain at being the last one left… every time we see Ten explain how his planet is gone, when we see the pain in his eyes when Donna tells him that his people burned… we will know, thanks to this special, that it didn’t. That it never really happened. That his guilt isn’t over a real thing, that it’s cheapened, that this man, our Doctor, will suffer for 400 years over something that has now been ret-conned and never happened.

And that is why people are so upset. 


fun prank: wake up during open heart surgery and sing don’t go breakin’ my heart to the surgeon

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