Mexican Actress María Félix Celebrated on the Centennial of Her Birth

Today marks the centennial of the birth of famed Mexican actress María Félix. Born María de los Ángeles Félix Güereña in the small town of Álamos, Sonora, María is said to have been discovered as she was walking down a street in Mexico City, where she moved soon after divorcing her first husband at the age of 24. She would be married another four times. Once to fellow actor, Jorge Negrete, and another to musician, Agustín Lara, who composed "María Bonita” as a loving tribute and wedding gift.

Considered brash and arrogant by some, but admired for her wit and impeccable style by many more, María Félix is widely considered the most beautiful and charismatic leading lady of Mexican cinema’s Golden Age. Nicknamed “la doña” (the boss lady), her bright star still shines for many inspired by her words and style.

Theaters, museums, and civil institutions in Mexico City, New York City, and other parts of the world, honored María Bonita today by recognizing her contributions to the arts.

Félix died 12 years ago today on her birthday, April 8, 2002. She was 88.

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Depression is hard to understand, because it is not a consistent state. Depression is rather like a virus, but like a virus, it has its manageable days and its acute, life-threatening flare-ups. You can be in a depression and still laugh at a friend’s joke or have a good night at dinner or manage low-level functioning. You grocery shop and stop to pet a puppy on the corner, talk to friends in a café, maybe write something you don’t hate. When this happens, you might examine your day for clues like reading tea leaves in a cup: Was it the egg for breakfast that made the difference? The three-mile run? You think, well, maybe this thing has moved on now. And you make no sudden moves for fear of attracting its abusive attention again.

But other times…

Other times, it’s as if a hole is opening inside you, wider and wider, pressing against your lungs, pushing your internal organs into unnatural places, and you cannot draw a true breath. You are breaking inside, slowly, and everything that keeps you tethered to your life, all of your normal responses, is being sucked through the hole like an airlock emptying into space. These are the times Holly Golightly called the Mean Reds.

I call it White Knuckling it.

Miles and Miles of No Man’s Land, Libba Bray (via babybirched)

"But the stigma of depression is that it comes with the sense that you shouldn’t have it to begin with. That it is self-indulgence or emotional incompetence rather than actual illness."

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When it’s White Knuckle Time, you will have to remind yourself to stand in the middle of the subway platform, well away from the edge.”

There is an undertow to depression. It doesn’t take you all at once. It leaves you with some false sense that you are coping. That you are in control. That you have the shore still well in sight, until, at some point, you raise your head to find yourself all alone, battered by rough seas with absolutely no idea which way you should swim.”


Jesus, every damn word of this post. It’s remarkable.

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Kiyochika: Master of the Night

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Forrest took this picture of me it’s so cool

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Restaurant au Renard

2014. Acrylic and ink on paper and board.

Published 2014 as an edition of 234.



Arnarstapi, Iceland

By Jens Klettenheimer

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Catalogue number Na00142 year autographed 1996 

Title : Prunus in bloom  

artist Wim Visscher Gem. Techniek Afm. 54 x 74 cm 

Private collection

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Today, I read an article about a woman with HIV who was raped. The man that attacked her is now HIV positive. All of the commentary surround this was about how she should have told him she was HIV+ and that women with HIV should have a badge or special underwear so that this doesn’t happen to another man. It is 12:12am and I am already done with the world. 

That is rape culture


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